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Quotations for May 30th

Samuel Taylor Coleridge

I have seen great intolerance shown in support of tolerance.

A man’s desire is for the woman, but the woman’s desire is rarely other than for the desire of the man.

The happiness of life is made up of minute fractions – the little, soon forgotten charities of a kiss or a smile, a kind look or heartfelt compliment.

Every reform, however necessary, will by weak minds be carried to an excess, that itself will need reforming.

William Wordsworth

Suffering is permanent, obscure and dark, And shares the nature of infinity.

The flower that smells the sweetest is shy and lowly.

Rapine, avarice, expense, This is idolatry; and these we adore; Plain living and high thinking are no more.

Sir Walter Scott

O, what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive!

All men who have turned out worth anything have had the chief hand in their own education.

To the timid and hesitating everything is impossible because it seems so.

Vacant heart, and hand, and eye,
Easy live and quiet die.

My dear, be a good man — be virtuous — be religious — be a good man. Nothing else will give you any comfort when you come to lie here. …God bless you all.

Edmund Burke

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.

Religion is essentially the art and the theory of the remaking of man. Man is not a finished creation.

What ever disunites man from God, also disunites man from man.

No passion so effectually robs the mind of all its powers of acting and reasoning as fear.

The effect of liberty to individuals is that they may do what they please: we ought to see what it will please them to do, before we risk congratulations.

Robert Frost

A mother takes twenty years to make a man of her boy, and another woman makes a fool of him in twenty minutes.

Two roads diverged in a wood and I – I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.

The woods are lovely, dark and deep. But I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep.

Don’t ever take a fence down until you know why it was put up.

It’s a funny thing that when a man hasn’t anything on earth to worry about, he goes off and gets married.

I hold it to be the inalienable right of anybody to go to hell in his own way.

Nathaniel Hawthorne

What other dungeon is so dark as one’s own heart! What jailer so inexorable as one’s self!

A woman’s chastity consists, like an onion, of a series of coats.

We sometimes congratulate ourselves at the moment of waking from a troubled dream; it may be so the moment after death.

Our most intimate friend is not he to whom we show the worst, but the best of our nature.

No man for any considerable period can wear one face to himself and another to the multitude, without finally getting bewildered as to which may be the true.

Evelyn Waugh

It is a curious thing… that every creed promises a paradise which will be absolutely uninhabitable for anyone of civilized taste.

The human mind is inspired enough when it comes to inventing horrors; it is when it tries to invent a Heaven that it shows itself cloddish.

Pray always for all the learned, the oblique, the delicate. Let them not be quite forgotten at the throne of God when the simple come into their kingdom.

Samsung goes feminist

(h/t Dannyfrom504)

You have to love feminism. It has become so thoroughly accepted in our society that commercials such as this are not even seen as controversial. The truly unfortunate thing is that people will not even recognize how disgusting it is.

The woman is obviously smart, sophisticated, and successful, however her boyfriend/husband (why is it that today we cannot tell the difference anymore?) is portrayed as retarded, lazy, and a slob. She plugs in an ‘Evolution kit’ into the TV then imagines doing that to him where he does all the woman’s work while, and this is just a crazy guess, she is off at her empowering job. All that while a song about a “real good man” is playing. Eventually she is awoken from her daydream by him farting (all men are no better than pigs, you know) and on the screen is written, “At least Samsung TVs are Evolutionary”. Obviously they are implying men are not.

I just wonder if the shoe was on the other foot, how it would be received. Imagine the same commercial, but switch the man and woman. She is depicted as retarded, lazy, and a slob, her boyfriend plugs in an evolution device and she got to work doing what she should be doing and end it with “At least Samsung TVs are Evolutionary”. How many people think that would make it onto the airwaves? How many would like to bet the feminists would go insane and probably try to sue Samsung?

Palme d’Or award for three-hour lesbian love affair

Director Abdellatif Kechiche (Left), Adele Exarchopoulos (Center), and Lea Seydoux (Right)

Daily Mail

The prestigious Palme d’Or award at the Cannes Film Festival was last night awarded to a steamy three-hour movie about a lesbian love affair.

‘Blue Is the Warmest Colour’ took the prize for the best film from a jury led by Steven Spielberg and Nicole Kidman.

One scene includes a no-holds-barred twelve minute erotic sex scene between two women, played by Lea Seydoux and Adele Exarchopoulos, that leaves absolutely nothing to the imagination.

The naked women writhed, licked and explored every intimate inch of each others bodies.

During the gala the audience sat in silence and craned their necks as if to get a better view of the steamy scenes unfolding in plain sight on the huge screen.

It’s the most sensational win at Cannes in years.

Of course it is not really pornography because, well, it was played at Cannes and only respectable films would be played at Cannes. They would never play a lesbian sex film which “leaves absolutely nothing to the imagination” and has a scene depicting “erotic impressive scissoring”. Such a film would most certainly not have the most sensational win in years and be given the prestigious Palme d’Or award. Do not be ridiculous. *Sigh*

This is a 3 hour propaganda film with 12 minutes of explicit lesbian sex used to draw in heterosexual men. You see, the Liberals know how to use propaganda. Why put up posters of ‘workers of the world unite’ or other Soviet style nonsense when you can have movies of women having sex? Which is more likely to attract people and, at the same time, break down their barriers to your cause? Hitler, Stalin, and Mao had it all wrong, you see. They did not need to use brute force to get what they want. All Hitler needed to do was have his government make a bunch of sex videos with “Aryan” women, play them in theaters, and have the women yell “Heil Hitler” during sex.

“The Gospels and the Communist Manifesto are on the wane; the world’s future lies in the power of Coca-Cola and pornography.”

Nicolás Gómez Dávila

Gender Bender Day

This is one of those, “is this really happening?” type of stories. At a Milwaukee, Wisconsin elementary school they are hosting an official “Gender Bender Day”, an idea developed by students and supported by school staff. The rules are that boys must come to school dressed as girls and girls come to school dressed as boys. Of course, those who do not want to can always refuse to participate. But I am sure most students, at that age, do not want to be social outcasts so many will comply. Those who do not, by either showing up dressed properly or not show up at all will be on the school’s radar, as will their parents.

Hernandez tells EAGnews the day was originally billed as “Gender Bender Day,” but Tippecanoe officials made the name change after she called Principal Jeffrey Krupar to complain.

The Milwaukee mother was not impressed.

“I didn’t have a problem with the title. I had a problem with the activity taking place,” Hernandez says.

She says it’s “ridiculous” and “creepy” to ask elementary boys to come to school dressed as girls, and vice versa, and predicts that having students dress as “transvestites” will distract from the learning process.

No one save an idiot or a liar would say this is not politically motivated. It is meant to encourage transvestite behavior in impressionable children. There is no denying the intent is to normalize abnormal behavior. Boys wearing dresses and skirts are not normal. Girls have more leeway since most already dress like boys today anyhow. The culture war rages on and each year becomes dirtier and dirtier. Children have been the prime targets of this social engineering since the federal government seized control over the public schools in the 1970s.

I cannot help but think of this in terms of: could you imagine Beaver (Leave it to Beaver) being expected to show up for school in a skirt? The thought is laughable and yet, just fifty years ago such an idea would have been unfathomable. Today it is reality. I wonder how long before other schools begin sponsoring this day to promote “tolerance” and end “bigotry”. How much longer until ‘Casual Friday’ becomes ‘Tranny Friday’? Remember folks, gender is a social construct. We are all blank slates. [Insert other left-wing nonsense and delusion here]

Dominique Venner, “The Reasons for a Voluntary Death”

Dominique Venner

American Renaissance

Daily Mail

On May 21 an elderly French historian and right-wing Catholic entered Paris’s Notre Dame Cathedral and in the sight of tourists shot himself with an automatic pistol. The media have tried to pretend his suicide was meant only to speak out against the legalization of homosexual “marriage”. In reality, though, he was even more upset by the replacement of the native stock of France by non-European invaders immigrants. Ask yourself, why would the establishment not want the racial part to be known? Could it have something to do with the ongoing rise in popularity of politically incorrect views and the Bloc Identitaire/Generation Identitaire?

Dominique Venner wrote a suicide note, which is the first quoted text below. But he also had a website and the last post on said website (which is now offline) shows that his true intent was to turn the anti-gay marriage protests into a fight against non-White immigration. That will be the second quoted text below.

Suicide Note

Translate by Greg Johnson, Counter-Currents

I am healthy in body and mind, and I am filled with love for my wife and children. I love life and expect nothing beyond, if not the perpetuation of my race and my mind. However, in the evening of my life, facing immense dangers to my French and European homeland, I feel the duty to act as long as I still have strength. I believe it necessary to sacrifice myself to break the lethargy that plagues us. I give up what life remains to me in order to protest and to found. I chose a highly symbolic place, the Cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris, which I respect and admire: she was built by the genius of my ancestors on the site of cults still more ancient, recalling our immemorial origins.

While many men are slaves of their lives, my gesture embodies an ethic of will. I give myself over to death to awaken slumbering consciences. I rebel against fate. I protest against poisons of the soul and the desires of invasive individuals to destroy the anchors of our identity, including the family, the intimate basis of our multi-millennial civilization. While I defend the identity of all peoples in their homes, I also rebel against the crime of the replacement of our people.

The dominant discourse cannot leave behind its toxic ambiguities, and Europeans must bear the consequences. Lacking an identitarian religion to moor us, we share a common memory going back to Homer, a repository of all the values ​​on which our future rebirth will be founded once we break with the metaphysics of the unlimited, the baleful source of all modern excesses.

I apologize in advance to anyone who will suffer due to my death, first and foremost to my wife, my children, and my grandchildren, as well as my friends and followers. But once the pain and shock fade, I do not doubt that they will understand the meaning of my gesture and transcend their sorrow with pride. I hope that they shall endure together. They will find in my recent writings intimations and explanations of my actions.

Final Post on Website

Translate by Greg Johnson, Counter-Currents

Protesters on May 26 [against France’s recently passed “gay marriage” law] will cry out in their impatience and anger. An infamous law, once passed, can always be repealed.

I just listened to an Algerian blogger: “In any case,” he said, “in 15 years the Islamists will be in power in France and will remove this law.” Not to please us, we suspect, but because it is contrary to Sharia (Islamic law).

This is the only superficially common point between the European tradition (that respects women) and Islam (which does not respect them). But the bald assertion of the Algerian is chilling. These consequences will be far greater and more catastrophic then the detestable Taubira law.

It should be clear that France may well fall into the hands of the Islamists. For 40 years, politicians and governments of all parties (except the National Front), as well as employers and the Church, have been actively accelerating Afro-Maghrebi immigration by every means.

For a long time, great writers have sounded the alarm, beginning with Jean Raspail in his prophetic Camp of the Saints, the new edition of which is experiencing record sales.

The May 26 protestors cannot ignore this reality. Their struggle cannot be limited to the rejection of gay marriage. The “great replacement” of the population of France and Europe, denounced by the writer Renaud Camus, is a far more catastrophic danger for the future.

It is not enough to organize polite street protests to prevent it. This is a real “intellectual and moral reform,” as Renan said, and should be conducted as such from the start. It must make possible the recovery of French and European memory of our identity, the need for which is not yet clearly perceived.

It certainly will require new, spectacular, and symbolic gestures to stir our somnolence, shake our anesthetized consciousness, and awaken the memory of our origins. We are entering a time when words must be authenticated by deeds.

We should also remember, as brilliantly formulated by Heidegger in Being and Time, that the essence of man is in his existence and not in “another world.” It is here and now that our destiny is played out until the last second. And this final second is as important as the rest of a lifetime. That is why you must be yourself until the last moment. It is by deciding, truly willing one’s destiny, that one conquers nothingness. And there is no escape from this requirement, because we only have this life, in which it is our duty to be fully ourselves — or to be nothing.