Welcome to Nude York City

(h/t BwanaSimba)

In the name of “gender equality” the New York Police Department has officially declared that they will no longer arrest a woman for simply being topless. This is, of course, declared a victory for “freedom” and “equality” by the Liberals. The arguments goes, if a man can walk around shirtless without that being a crime than a woman, too, should be able to walk around without a top. Bare chests are obviously the same for men and women, no differences there.

The men supporting this are thinking this will mean they get to see hot women walking around with their breasts free. Guess again. If you believe anyone except ugly femcunts are going to be showing off, you are wrongly mistaken. Trust me, unless you have really low standards, you are going to be repulsed not aroused. I doubt those men really thought it through.

Nevertheless, the argument is that it is discriminatory to tell women they cannot go topless yet allow men to. They are correct, it is discrimination. But discrimination is often a good thing. Women and men do not have the same bodies. Breasts are not non-sexual parts of the female body; ask any straight man. Heck, even ask women. Why else would so many choose to wear low-cut shirts which show cleavage except to display their bodies for male attention? Admittedly most Americans exaggerate the importance of breasts beyond reasonable limits, but that does not mean having women walking around with them exposed is the right answer.

The most important problem with this law change is not that women are now allowed to show their breasts in public. That is an issue, but not the most important. Rather it is the justification for allowing women to expose themselves. We are being sexist if we tell women, “Your chest has an innate sexual nature that men’s do not.” For anyone paying attention it should be obvious that this is part of a larger campaign to force society into believing the (false) notion that men and women are the same. The goal is to deconstruct nature itself, but nature does not allow itself to be deconstructed. Work against nature and you will lose. There is no ‘might lose’ or ‘could lose’, you will lose.

We have become a savage society, having decayed from the highest point of civilization ever achieved by man to the lowest point in only 150 or so years. Unfortunately we are still descending. Society is already starting to fall apart with out-of-wedlock births at record highs, same with divorces, those who never marry, importation of third world immigrants, abortions, selfishness, atheism, debt, and overall degeneracy. Last night I was listening to the Orthodox Christian Network and the speaker noted how the 20th and 21st centuries are a period wherein the great lie, the one first spoken by the serpent in the Garden of Eden, has achieved power as never before. The idea that man can become like God through the idolization of the self is the lie. Moral relativism is what it is better known as today, that you make your own morality, your own truth, and are your own master.

Feminism is the belief that we can recreate the sexes and sex relations along any lines we want. They believe the Word of God is evil and that (wo)man knows more than some book of desert fairytales. Yet it was that book of desert fairytales that allowed for Europeans to create true civilization, one that only began to decay when it abandoned that book. Better we believe ourselves God than submit to truth.