Samsung goes feminist

(h/t Dannyfrom504)

You have to love feminism. It has become so thoroughly accepted in our society that commercials such as this are not even seen as controversial. The truly unfortunate thing is that people will not even recognize how disgusting it is.

The woman is obviously smart, sophisticated, and successful, however her boyfriend/husband (why is it that today we cannot tell the difference anymore?) is portrayed as retarded, lazy, and a slob. She plugs in an ‘Evolution kit’ into the TV then imagines doing that to him where he does all the woman’s work while, and this is just a crazy guess, she is off at her empowering job. All that while a song about a “real good man” is playing. Eventually she is awoken from her daydream by him farting (all men are no better than pigs, you know) and on the screen is written, “At least Samsung TVs are Evolutionary”. Obviously they are implying men are not.

I just wonder if the shoe was on the other foot, how it would be received. Imagine the same commercial, but switch the man and woman. She is depicted as retarded, lazy, and a slob, her boyfriend plugs in an evolution device and she got to work doing what she should be doing and end it with “At least Samsung TVs are Evolutionary”. How many people think that would make it onto the airwaves? How many would like to bet the feminists would go insane and probably try to sue Samsung?

4 thoughts on “Samsung goes feminist

  1. What a load of horse shit. Ads are getting stupider all the time, if what I catch on YouTube is any indication. So a man ‘evolving’ is a man doing woman’s work; I see… Who built their house in that fantasy? And how did they reproduce, since that doesn’t appear to be part of her fantasy? Probably artificial insemination, or they just bought the baby at the baby shop with all that money she makes at her HR job.

    The painfully stupid and numerous ads are in part why I threw my TV out several years ago.

  2. The woman, and all women like her, obviously believe they are so special as to deserve such treatment. Simply put, they are not. Those inflated egos need to be popped and brought back down to reality. But there is really no need to be upset with such people because they are making it so that in their life they will never experience true happiness or contentment. They truly deserve pity more than scorn.

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