INTJs are the best

This one is great

15 thoughts on “INTJs are the best

  1. Actually no. I’m pretty happy being in my own little 1% of the world’s population, thank you very much. And how could I want something else, when I have Hitler and Luke Skywalker to share the group with?

  2. Two words. Lady Gaga (apparently)
    I must check with a fellow member to see if we can… send her camping somewhere else.

  3. I’m such a snowflake I used to test as INFJ and now test as INTJ. LOL I WIN!

    By the way, INFJ males and INTJ females are the rarest subtypes.

  4. By the way, if someone is only one letter off, you too can train yourself into this awesomeness! Then again, I think it became a matter of self preservation for me post-marriage-implosion.

    This quote was my inspiration 7 years ago:

    “I have more to do than feel.” – Charles Lamb

  5. A few years ago, when I first did the Myers-Briggs Typology test, I was an INFJ. So you are right in that one can change if they decide to. Now I am comfortably near 90% T. What guy would want to be a feeling type anyway?

  6. Sometimes life just changes you, sometimes it’s conscious effort, sometimes some from column A and some from column B. I’m only 12% T so there’s a fair bit of crossover for me. Feelings just get annoying after a while, especially other people’s. 😀

  7. Oh nooo, you betrayed the ‘organization’ !! 😛
    I always test INFJ, but with different percentages every time… it probably depends on how I’m feeling at that given moment.

  8. Nooo, that’s what they want you to think!
    It’s the Illuminati behind this again, I’m telling you!

  9. lmao – too funny. Yes, you can flex between different preferences. You will go to your default zone when under stress. Scary is – my 16 y/o tests strong E and on the 1% for all the other scores – my “changeling.” I pray she uses her powers for good. 😉

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