Television shows keep getting more insane

Apparently there are two new television shows that are set to air today. Both of these shows are completely ridiculous. The first is ‘The Fosters’ which userdand noted in the comments section of another blog post. It is about an interracial lesbian couple who have taken in troubled teens. It was created by Jennifer Lopez and will be on ABC which calls itself the home of “the new kind of family”. If you are wondering exactly what “new kind of family” they mean, this television show should answer your question.


The second television show is called ‘SheZow’ and is an Australian – Canadian cartoon created for children ages 6 – 11. What is so bad about it? The cartoon is about a typical weak boy who puts on a ring and yells “you go girl!” then transforms into a female superhero. You really cannot make this stuff up. While this will be on Hub, a channel with a rather small audience, the fact that it is being aired at all is disturbing. What exactly will boys learn watching a show which depicts the boy as weak and only becomes strong when he transforms into a girl? According to the Chief Executive of Hub we are just supposed to laugh.

12 thoughts on “Television shows keep getting more insane

  1. I did not link it, because I could not find it! But thank you, that is what I was initially looking for 😀
    But what is it with the whole Pellegrino tantrum? Is it better than Evian over there?

  2. It was the first result when typing in ‘South Park Jennifer Lopez’ on youtube. Are you sure you’re not blonde?

    As for the mineral water issue, that seems like a 1% in the first world problem.

  3. That was YOUR first result. Remember, where I live, they not only filter your search result, they even filter your soul.

  4. It sounds like Germany is a wonderful place. Perhaps I should consider relocation since I have always found America to not be oppressive enough.

  5. It is really incredible what passes for family entertainment these days, damn! It seems they just can’t do without the sexual degeneracy. Gotta keep it ‘edgy’ and supercool!

  6. It would certainly seem like today everyone is supposed to be identified by their sexuality. The Boy Scouts just allowed openly homosexual members to join. The real problem is what kind of child is openly homosexual around 11 years of age? Why can they not keep that to themselves? Just ten years ago it was illegal in my state even for married people to perform sodomy, now we are supposed to accept homosexuality as perfectly normal.

  7. Privacy? Why on Earth would you need that?
    Plus, there is nothing to worry about… as long as you know you have done nothing wrong and are a law abiding citizen, the fact that they know you texted your friends while on the toilet is completely irrelevant!
    Look, they’re doing us a favor… they will only use the data they have to ‘investigate, detect and prosecute serious crime and terrorism.’ We’re half a billion people they’re responsible for and they have our best interest at heart! Even if that means sweeping the floor with the German Constitution!

  8. there is nothing to worry about… as long as you know you have done nothing wrong and are a law abiding citizen

    It’s funny; I used to think this way but I don’t anymore. Google is currently getting on my nerves with linking everything and basically forcing you to use Google+ (I think the + is ‘extra added spying tools!’) It’s not that I’m doing anything illegal (except perhaps being off the thought plantation, which isn’t illegal YET), but it’s the principle. Then you get labelled as paranoid when you simply hold certain principles of freedom dear. Don’t get me started!

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