Man talk

I get a good laugh at this scene. Is he being a patronizing sexist? Of course he is! Why should the woman not be let in on the secret? To suggest it is not proper for a woman to know this or that is in no way a bad thing. The desire to protect and preserve a woman’s innocence, or merely to acknowledge that some women should simply not have knowledge of certain information, is a good thing. Perhaps I am just way too old fashioned in certain regards. But no matter the amount of shaming, this will always be my way of thinking.

One thought on “Man talk

  1. LOL at the slap on the ass. (As an aside, those old sound effects are hilarious (we all know it’s a stick being broken)). It’s too bad that nowadays it’s practically obligatory to include women in everything. It is telling that men don’t want to be included in the knitting circle, which reminds me of an old joke.

    Why do women knit? To give them something to think about while they’re talking.

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