There is no equality

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The worst form of inequality is to try to make unequal things equal.“*


Simply put there is no such thing as equality. The worst tragedies of our age stem from the insidious notion that all people are equal. We can be equal before the law but not anything more. One particularly damaging result of this idea is that men and women must be equal. Feminism is supposedly (although I certainly do not believe it) about achieving equality between the sexes. Such a goal is untenable because to make such an attempt is the equivalent of trying to make apples equal to oranges. How can it be done? The answer is basically: it cannot.

Men and women have complementary natures and, thus, different roles to play. This is not about oppression; it is about acknowledging the laws of nature. Consider the story of Adam and Eve. God first made Adam (man). But God saw that Adam needed a partner, he was not fulfilled by his lonesome. Therefore God created Eve (woman) from the body of Adam. Woman was created from man, for man. Her body was created to receive his. Eve was the comforter of Adam, in body and soul. In her Adam finally found wholeness, and in making him whole Eve was fulfilled.

This is not about whether Adam was equal to Eve. It was about completion of the human person which could only be found in the unity of the sexes. Homosexuality is wrong and polygamy is wrong because they both reject this union. Man cannot be whole with another man and he cannot be whole with more than one woman. Those in rebellion against this eternal truth are denying the complementary natures of the sexes. One must believe that sex is interchangeable, that we are all essentially the same. But it is not true; common sense should dismiss that as lunacy.

A common mischaracterization of scripture would have us believe that men and women, in marriage, are called to “mutual submission”. This is simply not true. Only one person can be the leader in a marriage just as only one can be the captain of a ship. A woman is called to submit to her husband and a husband is to love and give himself up for his wife. This is not something radical, it is fairly simple. It amounts to deference of leadership and most decision making to the husband where he makes choices while honestly considering his wife’s interests.

The idea that men are to submit to their wives was created so as to prevent the Bible from appearing sexist. To require only women submit is to reject equality. However, this overlooks the fact that a man is then tasked with the difficulty of decision making and self-sacrifice for his wife. All feminism has done in terms of liberating women is removing them from submission to their husbands and instead making them submit to indifferent bosses/employers. Add to that the burden of difficult decision making which had once been removed from their shoulders has now been placed back on.

In the end, men want a refuge from the harshness of this world and women want to be that refuge. Why deny what we really want? The feminine is attracted to, and attracts, the masculine because the one wants what it does not have. This is how life works, how humans are made. Our physical bodies are even demonstrative of this complementary nature, of who is to give and who is to receive, who is to submit and who is to dominate. I have to wonder how this is not obvious.

*This first appears in 1974 in an explanation of Aristotle’s politics in Time magazine, before being condensed to an epigram as “Aristotle’s Axiom” in Peter’s People (1979) by Laurence J. Peter


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  1. The problem with your argument is that it’s based on a myth… you do know that Adam and Eve didn’t really exist, don’t you?

    [Imperator: And here I thought they were real. Thanks for clearing that up, sweetheart.]

  2. Excellent. In a true marriage the man “lays down his life for his wife and his own”; one aspect of Jesus’ ministry. The other aspect is fulfilled in the celibate, “eunuch” male, who gives his life for the “spiritual”; ie, the Kingdom of Heaven/God. Matt. 19:11-12

  3. It’s been quite an interesting experience to see who reads my stuff and who links to me. It’s been probably half positive, half hostile so far.

    To sum up my series of articles on women, submission and dominance, BDSM, and the like:

    It’s now controversial for a woman to pledge to “submit to her husband.” It’s become a kink, a theme in fantasy, and an entire pornography style where “submissive, obey your dominant” is a central motif.

    The dominance/submission “kink” (D/s) is also interesting when it’s seen in relation to hypergamy. The act of submission itself (it’s an act, not passive), or as Christian blogger SunshineMary put in “submission to male power,” seemly intimately related to hypergamy.

    The sexual aspect aside, the story of 50 Shades of Grey (“Wuthering Heights with spanking”) is essentially about a virgin totally submitting herself to a wealthy, mysterious alpha male, the ultimate hypergamy fantasy.

    Now what’s interesting is that the fiercest opposition these blog posts came from self-described feminists (and some male and female BDSM types) with a likely deep understanding of female submission and strongly opposed to it, outside of very narrow sexual scenarios. Female submission has been claimed by the sexual left as its province, while at the same time they have worked to undermine the natural dominance/submissive – and hypergamous – nature of traditional marriage.

    Promote equal marriage to the masses (even gay marriage, what could be more “equal” than that?) while sexualizing female submission as a kink defined by its exhibitionist publicity arm.

    I haven’t figured this one out yet, but where’s there’s smoke, there’s fire.

    [Imperator: D/S is just a way for women to live out their natural submissive tendencies without losing their “power”. She says “alright, tonight you will spank me, pull my hair, smack me in the face, call me your little whore, tie me up, and use my body for your pleasure, but afterwards we’re total equals.” The Left wants to ensure women do not realize this innate submissive nature, so they release the pressure from the dam through outlets such as D/S, an outlet they control.]

  4. “The Left wants to ensure women do not realize this innate submissive nature, so they release the pressure from the dam through outlets such as D/S, an outlet they control.”

    That is an insightful remark.

    Social liberals will handle the Fifty Shades of Grey phenomenon by ironising it and saying it is “just another lifestyle choice”.

    Personally, I find the more dominant I am in real life, the less my wife seems to need the bedroom stuff.

    I remember Alte/Vanessa saying that the abusive bedroom sexual habits that are now mainstream are a psychological response by both sexes to the loss of the normal dominance of men in relationships.

    The submissiveness is meant to apply to all of life.

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  6. I notice that some women want to be dominated or else the Books or 50 shades of Decay (grey) wouldn’t be popular==there aren’t very many strong solid men anymore because the women aren’t soft. In fact, older women over 40 are actually prettier than the younger.
    Especially when they mix their blood with ink—tattoos on their forearms…and necks HORRIBLE PLACES for them.
    I for one, have talked teens out of tattooing themselves in the family,,,i tell them its PERMANENT and you could get the look with henna stain, which fades, and you could get another type of picture later
    IDK about how other people think of songs with womens names in them. It used to be popular and i think SARAH SMILE was one of the last songs like this
    I have a theory: when women jumped off of the pedestal and into the mud digging Rock music in the 1970s they stopped—most women don’t mind it, but alas, i named my 18 yo daughter a name that is in a lovesong from the 40s-60s

    [Imperator: While older women may be ‘softer’ than the young, they are also quite likely to discourage true feminine behavior. Biblically older women are called to guide the young but when all generations are corrupted, what then? As for tattoos I definitely agree with you, they are hideous, especially on women, and are also a pagan practice.]

  7. lastly, when DRESSES STOPPED being worn as STANDARD CLOTHING by women, they lose something….i’m glad they are back in style…it makes a woman look submissive as much as men with pierced ears makes them look weaker, because you see, they are PIERCED…..get it?

    [Imperator: Indeed, I do get it and agree entirely.]

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