On suffering

Arguably the ‘greatest’ atheist of the 19th century, Friedrich Nietzsche, wrote in The Gay Science,

“When I think of the craving of young Europeans to do something, I realize that they must have a craving to suffer and find in their suffering a probable reason for action and deeds. These young people demand not happiness, but unhappiness, that should approach from the outside and become visible. They do no know what to do with themselves and therefore paint the distress of others on the wall. They always need others, and continually other others!”

I find this to be a remarkably insightful remark. Man needs struggle, he needs burdens, difficulties, and yes, he needs misery. The great motivating force of life is unhappiness. When these obstacles are removed from life it does not make for better living, but worse. Just as liberating man from responsibilities does not make him any freer, only less human, neither does liberating him from misery make him any happier. Instead, it becomes a motivation to engage himself in the misery of others. He revels in helping some stranger rather than his own, because he sees his own as the one oppressing the stranger.

In modern western society there is no great struggle for the average person. So they must conjure up some demons to combat. They imagine something oppressing them since what makes for better misery, which one can act against, than oppression? Leftism always has cannon fodder because it can always invent new victims, oppressors, and injustices. This keeps the masses busy, believing they are fighting against some oppression that they had not before realized existed but now understand is making them unhappy. But because the people know their life really is not that bad, their crusade is often on behalf of those whom they perceive to have it worse.

To experience this suffering they engage in empathy, feeling the perceived suffering of the victim classes. What the engagement in projection demonstrates is two things. First – Man must have suffering to give him purpose in life. Second – Those who engage in this empathy are shallow since they have forsaken the spiritual war for a physical one. We crave suffering and, more importantly, the struggle against suffering, for its spiritual fruits. There is no spiritual reward for struggling on behalf of perceived victims. It is vanity.

A Christian realizes that the greatest struggle in this life is not against poverty, tyranny, or ‘racism’, it’s against sin and temptation. This is a personal battle, one that each person must fight primarily by themselves. There can be no movement to eradicate lust, sloth, pride, envy, or hatred in your heart. All there can be is you and the support of friends and family. The attention has been turned outward; where we were not meant to concentrate. We are called to help others, yes, but help them with their inward struggle. That is the point of Christian marriage, to help each other in this life avoid sin and temptation. It is also the point of loving your neighbor as yourself, for it helps your soul and the soul of your neighbor.

One important issue to note is that external struggles can also be internal. In war, you are not only struggling against the physical enemy but against your own spiritual enemies such as fear and doubt. What distinguishes that form of external struggle from the one based upon empathy is that it is centered upon your inner character. Your participation in it depends upon, and shapes, your soul. A physical struggle for purely physical ends is hollow. It provides no benefit to your soul. Those who are this world focused abandoned the spiritual war for the shallow, physical war.


Masculinity is dangerous

The Committee for Women’s Equality and Patriarchy Abolition has found that it is now hate for people without vagina to engage in activities exclusive to them. This is an adjustment to Article IX, Section 16 which stipulates that there be no more “male-only spaces” since this is discriminatory and fosters an atmosphere of misogyny, patriarchy, and sociopathy, better known as masculinity. Henceforth all voluntary associations must comply with these rules or face legal reprimands and/or social pressure. We must forcefully make androgynous all areas of life, public and private, for the propagation of equality and the eradication of male privilege.

Earlier this year another milestone on the path to tolerance and equality was reached when openly homosexual teenage boys were accepted as members, thus ending the heteronormative disenfranchisement of the LGBTQ youth community. Now our Committee can happily declare our work in having girls admitted to the Boy Scout national jamboree has been successful. Just read the words of confidence from these two girls who intend on out-competing the boys and showing them that girls are equally as good, probably even better, than the boys,

Welles and Virginia McGhee can’t wait to go whitewater rafting on the nearby New River.

Along the way, they won’t mind showing the boys a thing or two.

“If we can surpass them, that’d be great, to show them that we’re just as tough as they are,” Virginia McGhee said.”

Society must be forced to understand that girls are just as physically capable as boys. Permitting them to compete against each other is a good way of demonstrating gender equality. In fact, it will be a boon for the boys since girls will introduce new values into competition which will make competitions fairer. This will also allow for boys to learn how to better interact with girls through sharing,

“”My daughter walked anywhere and a boy would open up his bag and go, ‘I’ll trade you because you’re a girl with anything I’ve got.’ She got everything she wanted when she was at jamboree,” Kagawa said. “”We tell all our girls that you’ll get any patch set you want.””

Alright let’s get real here. What this forced mixing of the sexes is all about, at heart, is to hinder the development of masculinity in boys. At the same time girls are being catered to, and placed on a pedestal, in another aspect of life; which is the last thing society needs. We have girls being told they will get whatever they want, have the boys kowtowing to their every demand so as to be considered “nice”, and boys forced into competing against girls.

Males are now being forced, de facto, into sharing the entirety of their lives with women, not being allowed to develop independently, and simultaneously being taught a warped version of chivalry. We lose our separate sphere while having to cater to those who were never invited in the first place. Men like to get away from women, we do not want to be around them all the time yet if we say “this is for men only” it becomes a hate crime. If you expect this to have anything but horrible results, you are naïve. Boys learn to be men through interacting with other guys in a masculine atmosphere. Girls, and primarily their feminist parents, want to end this.